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                Welcome to Akilex official website!

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                E-mail: simon@akilex.com

                Add:201, NO 145-3, Xinshi Road, Junhe Street, Baiyun Zone, Guangzhou,Guangdong Province, China



                • Date:2017-02-18

                Return and replacement policy

                Akilex Sport guarantees that our dear customers will be satisfied with our service and products. In order to improve our service and achieve the win win goal between us and our clients. We provide a clear return and refund policy to cover any loss from our clients if defective items had been received. We will bear the responsibility of accepting your return according to our RETURN AND REFUND POLICY.

                TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

                If you receive a damage or defective item, please EMAIL us with your order number, alone with the date of received and a statement of products conditions. It is also necessary to provide us with the photos of damage or defective items, so that we can know the reasons why the items had been refused. Please note, do not send the items back to us unless you confirmed with us and got the authorization. Please also note, the claim of product quality, return and replacement must be done within 20 days after container arrived & before usage. Unauthorized returned will be refused and disregard.    .   

                After all approved by our company, you will gain a credit note. 

                Please, do not send us one sample of the defective items and claim for all the products. We will not accept all the claim if you base on one sample.

                After we authorized the refund, we will provide you with a confirmed credit note or you will get another replacement for the defective items.  

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                0086 (020)36603421 02036601466




                201, NO 145-3, Xinshi Road, Junhe Street, Baiyun Zone, Guangzhou,Guangdong Province, China