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                Welcome to Akilex official website!

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                Our Support

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                E-mail: simon@akilex.com

                Add:201, NO 145-3, Xinshi Road, Junhe Street, Baiyun Zone, Guangzhou,Guangdong Province, China

                Our Support

                We offer our marketing support to all the potential client who wish to work with us, to expand the product category and market share in their local market. If you want to produce the goods under your owned logo, that is welcome too!

                We also offer our service for marketing and sourcing for our client if they have different product demand, to bring them more profitable & quality products into their market, details, please see our service as below:

                Our Service:

                • Production/Sourcing/Marketing
                • Consulting/Design
                • Product Development
                • Order follow-up
                • Quality Control
                • Logistic/Shipment
                • Branding Promotion
                • Advertisement Support

                Production Planning & Management

                We plan and organize the entire production process systematically. Every steps of the manufacturing process is carefully recorded. Our planning assures quality with time.

                Manufacturing Control

                We carefully ensure that every aspect of the process is well managed and timely. We co-ordinate all processes to meet our client deadline. We monitor the factories yield daily and weekly, thus ensuring no surprises.

                Quality Assurance

                We ensure our clients receive what they want. We ensure our factories produce according to our clients requirements and specifications. Our team of quality controllers will conduct regular checks to assure quality is maintained at all times. Our inspections include raw material inspection, accessary inspection, in-line inspection and final inspection.

                Logistic Support

                We do the necessary arrangements for shipments and ensure all shipping deadlines are met accordingly. We also provide consolidation services to be more cost-effective.

                Export Documentation

                We do the necessary documentary so that our clients products are received legally and qualify for any preferential states, should they qualify.

                Customer Q & A

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                0086 (020)36603421 02036601466




                201, NO 145-3, Xinshi Road, Junhe Street, Baiyun Zone, Guangzhou,Guangdong Province, China