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                Welcome to Akilex official website!

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                Company Profile

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                E-mail: simon@akilex.com

                Add:201, NO 145-3, Xinshi Road, Junhe Street, Baiyun Zone, Guangzhou,Guangdong Province, China

                Company Profile

                Akilex Sport is the leading branding company, exporter, manufacturer of professional teamsport apparels, soccer and their related products. It is now reinforcing its image as a leading provider for lifestyle brands too.
                The company provides a comprehensive product range covering multiple product categories to a wide spectrum of end-users including professionals, corporations, schools, clubs and amateurs as well as for public and commercial applications.
                Akilex Sport is the fastest growing company in the sports business in China. In only 10 years (beginning of expansion), we were able to cover the major territory domeseic China, also all around the world.
                Our Akilex Sport Co. has positioned ourselves in the market by committing to our values: service, innovation, integrity, transparency and professionalism. The expansion in the retail business is one of the keys to our success. The retail model we hold offers a mature approach to the consumer.
                Akilex Sport workes equally in the manufacture, branding, distrubution business, on a large capacity. A trust is built with our clients on scales of retail and branding. All our core values have placed us as leader in the Chinese Sports market:
                Community commitment
                • Experience in sports business for almost 10 years
                • Nation wide marketing experience
                • Nation wide retail business
                • Nation wide biggest sports company

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                0086 (020)36603421 02036601466




                201, NO 145-3, Xinshi Road, Junhe Street, Baiyun Zone, Guangzhou,Guangdong Province, China